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Storing summer and winter tires

The lifespan and performance of tires can be increased by correct handling and proper storage when not in use. It is very important therefore that everyone is aware of how to do this.

  • When fitted on the rims, the best way to store tires is flat or hanging up. The tire pressure should be reduced to 1.0 bar.
  • The best way to store tires off the rim is standing up (vertically). If stored flat (horizontally) on top of each other, this should involve no more than four tires.
  • Before stored tires are fitted, they must first be checked for any damage and wear, and the correct tire pressure must be used.

Before placing tires in storage, we recommend cleaning them properly with water to remove any salt residue and drying them. Tires are best kept in a cool and preferably ventilated area with no direct sunlight. They must not be stored near electronic devices which emit ozone, such as welding equipment, transformers or electric motors. In addition, tires must not come into contact with chemicals, solvents, lubricants or oil products as these can affect the rubber layer of the tires and reduce their lifespan.