Born to perform

Tires contain a great deal of technology. At Vredestein, we develop and produce tires which enhance the performance of every vehicle. A Vredestein tire is designed to perform optimally and maximize users’ freedom at all times. We strive to offer all drivers the safest and best possible driving experience.

Innovation as the foundation

Innovation is crucial to staying ahead in the tire business and is part of the DNA at Vredestein. Our pioneering spirit has always powered us forward and today it motivates all our expert staff to continue making the very best tires available.


Top performances

Major strides have been made in the field of safety, handling and fuel economy over the decades, and tires have played a crucial role in this development. As the interface between vehicle and road, tires ensure the proper functioning of systems such as ABS and ESP. Each year, the professionals from Vredestein’s R&D Centre study hundreds of thousands of test kilometres: they do not stop until the perfect tread, the best rubber compound and the optimal core structure are found. The result has been top marks in independent European tire tests.


Four seasons, one tire, one winner: Quatrac Vredestein

Vredestein is a market leader in four-season tires. The foundations of this success were laid in 1993 when the first generation of Vredestein Quatrac was introduced. Since then, Vredestein has continued to perfect the Quatrac. A great deal of knowledge gained through the development of summer and winter tires has gone into all-season tires, resulting in the perfect tire for every time of year. The Vredestein Quatrac family has scored excellent results even in winter tire tests and is recognized as bring among the absolute best in its class.


Two-wheel tires

The optimisation of performance and safety was also reflected in our two-wheel tires, for which Vredestein was the first producer to obtain an ECE-R75 certificate for no fewer than three models. Our experience and expertise are also seen in the race tire Vredestein Fortezza Senso, which is successfully used by numerous professional cycling teams as well as many amateur racers.


Putting the power in agriculture and industry

Vredestein’s agricultural tires have received recognition from independent bodies on many occasions. The Traxion+ and TraxionXXL have defined a new standard in their segment, just like the Flotation series and the Greentrax, which was developed especially for garden maintenance. In addition, Vredestein has an extraordinarily broad range of industrial tires and as occupies a unique position. The superior quality and excellent performance of Vredestein’s agricultural tires is further underlined by the fact that various manufacturers of agricultural machinery fit Vredestein tires on their equipment as standard.