About Vredestein

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Vredestein’s rich heritage

Vredestein is proud to be among the oldest tire manufacturers in the world today with a history dating back more than 100 years.


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Born to perform

Tires contain a great deal of technology. At Vredestein, we develop and produce tires which enhance the performance of every vehicle. A Vredestein tire is designed to perform optimally and maximize users’ freedom at all times. We strive to offer all drivers the safest and best possible driving experience.


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Technology based on design. This is Vredestein.

At Vredestein we have a clear vision on how a tire should look. This is why we have had a partnership with the famous Italian design agency Giugiaro since 1997 and why we also devote so much attention in-house to the tread design and sidewalls of our tires.


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