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Vredestein Tires are Now Available


Vredestein has been at the forefront of tire innovation and performance for over a century, From humble beginnings in The Netherlands, Vredestein is now established as one of Europe’s top-tier tire manufacturers, revered by drivers from Finland to Greece. With an eye on safety and design, we’ve crafted tires to complement both modern cars and vintage rides of the past.

We are excited to introduce the Hypertrac All Season tire to Canada.

The Hypertrac All Season falls in the Ultra High Performance All-Season category, and boasts incredible handling in wet and dry conditions, along with elevated performance all year long, including light snow.

Discover what European drivers – from Mille Miglia to countryside joyriders – have known for generations – when it comes to elevating your ride, Vredestein makes all the difference.

Vredestein is now available at Canadian Tire.


We’re a Canadian Tire bestseller for a reason


'These feel good on the road, they feel nice and grippy so I feel safe. I also know this brand has quality tires!'
'These Hypertracs are an excellent tire. I wanted a smooth, quiet ride with nice handling and that's what I got. As good as any of the competition I dare say, and I've used Michelin, Pirelli and Continental tires over the years.'
'During a couple days of rain I was able to give these tires a real test on wet roads. I found that they corner and stop really well where you would think the roads are dry. Overall the wet performance is excellent. They also handle dry roads exceptionally well. Road noise I’d say was about average. I had never heard of this brand of tire before but I’m very happy with them.'
'After having these tires installed I was blown away at how much better my car performed. No more noise, great traction and no more squirrelly action under hard acceleration. I used to have to hold on tight to the steering wheel when accelerating quickly but now I can almost let go entirely. Incredible difference in a positive way. Highly recommend!.
'These are a great set of tires. Very smooth to drive on. I found them to be outstanding in heavy rain. I highly recommend these tires.'